Educational Animal Talks

Our school talks offer students an amazing animal encounter and are designed to be Fun, Educational and Hands on.

Topics We Cover

We will run the talks on pre-designed topics, however we specialize in creating customised talks to suit particular topics that are being studied.

Below are some examples of topics we have covered in the past;

  • Amazing animal Adaptions
  • Beast Creator
  • Habitats
  • Survival Techniques
  • Captive Husbandry

The talks will be adapted to an age appropriate level, from nursery through to university. We will adapt and cater your sessions to meet key topics. If you would like to arrange a visit from the animals as a treat for your students we will adapt our sessions to make sure they are as fun and hands on as possible!

What Animals Do We Have?

We have a very diverse range of animals such as snakes, lizards, insects, amphibians and birds of prey. When booking with us we will send you through a complete list of animals for you to choose from. Our animals are from different habitats around the world such as desert, rainforest and grasslands allowing students to see a range of diverse animal adaptions and learn about the different habitats they live within.


Our half-day school talks are three hours e.g. 9-12 or 12-3. During this time we will be able to run three 50-minute talks. During full day school talks we will be present at the school from 9-3 and will be able to run five 50-minute talks. If you would like to include the whole school in the talk we will arrange a talk during assembly.

What’s Happens During The Talk?

At the start of the talk we will introduce ourselves, the animals and what we will be doing during the session. Once all of the children are settled we will then bring out the first animal and choose a student to help with the handling. We will then spend between five and ten minutes on each animal starting with an educational talk, each student will then have the opportunity to handle, stroke or get a really close up view of the particular animal. We will then move through and talk about each animal chosen for the talk. The educational talk section will focus on the areas your students have been studying.

Teaching Resources

Depending on the subject focus, we will use a powerpoint to support our talks, this will generally only be used for sessions in biology, anatomy and physiology etc. We will also provide you with a number of resources to reinforce the learning and assess the learning achieved during the session. If you would like handouts to be produced for each student to work on during the talk we will provide templates beforehand.

Enquire now

For more information about our activities or to check availability, fill in the form below and one of our friendly team will get back to you. Alternatively call us on 01732 822753