Educational Activities

Educational team building activities are a fantastic way for students in Primary and Secondary school to practice working with others. By incorporating education into enjoyable problem solving events, WiseUp Team Building provides activity days that meet many of the national curriculum and OFSTED criteria.

The challenges encourage students to focus on resilience, co-operation and other key skills essential for effective team work. Communication plays an important role in all of our educational team building activities, from Mission Possible to The Hub Challenge.

Learning Outside the Classroom

It is well known that better mental and physical health leads to improved academic success. Getting students active in the fresh air is a key step to ensuring this. By giving them the chance to unplug from the modern world, young people connect with the natural environment by learning outside the classroom. Improved social skills and team bonding are just some of the benefits learners gain from our activity days. This builds confidence to take these strengths back into the classroom and beyond. Therefore, a team building activity day is a great investment in young people’s future.

Primary & Secondary Activities

We have worked with schools on a daily basis for many years. As a result, we know how different secondary school students are from their younger primary peers. WiseUp Team Building have specifically designed our activities to suit certain age groups. Some of our problem solving challenge events focus on basic throwing and catching skills, so making them perfect for those in Key Stage 1 & 2. Other challenges involve complex logical puzzles. These are perfect for older students in Key Stage 3 & 4, as well as those in Higher Education.

Educational Team Building Activities

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