Key Stage 3 & 4

Key Stage 3 & 4

At WiseUp we offer a wide range of team building activity days specifically designed to suit students in Key Stage 3 & 4 levels of the curriculum in the UK. We provide a wide assortment of different activities to big and small schools all over the country, bringing all of the equipment, personnel and planning to your location.

Our school team building activities are specifically chosen to suit the age and capabilities of 11 to 16 year olds, from the start of their secondary education in Key Stage 3, all the way till the end of Key Stage 4. By tying into the curricular studies at this stage, we are able to add extra, real-world support to classroom studies, alongside teaching skills like teamwork and problem solving which will aid them in later life.

Students in these year groups are given increasingly complex tasks in a range of different subjects. By setting expectations high and planning around the age and skill of the group, we encourage students to think outside of the box and use the skills that they have learnt to tackle tasks with the help of their peers.

Why WiseUp?

Instead of travelling for large distances for team building days, or organising large groups of students yourself, everything we need for all of our activity days is stored in our van and organised with minimal fuss or disruption.

Our friendly team have had years of experience travelling to secondary schools all over the country in order to deliver challenging and fun activity days for groups of all sizes and abilities.

We also offer both indoor and outdoor activities for schools all year round.

What we offer

Our roster of team building activity days is always growing, year in, year out. We take great pride in offering a whole host of exciting activities which are great fun for every participant.

With our Key Stage 3 and 4 activity days we provide the right level of difficulty to ensure that not only do students get an entertaining day out of the classroom, but they also engage in activities designed to support and enhance their learning.

We currently offer a wide range of activities for Key Stage 3 & 4 students including: archery, assault course, bushcraft challenge, orienteering and the Hub Challenge, with 32 different team building tasks, specifically chosen for your school site.

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