Apprentice Themed Activity Day


Apprentice themed days are one of our most exciting indoor activity days. WiseUp provide everything you need to bring the excitement of the show to your facility.

You’ve seen the show, now take part

Students become apprentices for the day, as they compete in teams against each other. The ability to work together and think creatively will be crucial as the teams compete in a number of different economically-themed challenges.

Impress the experts

A panel of “experts” will be on hand to assess the groups, who will have to try to earn the most money and impress a panel of “experts” with their creativity and ingenuity. Using all of the tools and tricks up their sleeves, groups will be encouraged to think outside of the box to come up with the best solutions for the lighthearted challenges.

Learn and have fun

By working together in this way, students learn not only the value of the individual strengths of each person in the team, but also how they function as a whole. By having to explain their ideas and motivations, each participant is held accountable for his or her own contributions, and will ultimately find out if they will be hired or fired.

Why choose our apprentice themed days?

Our apprentice days are one of our most challenging but exciting activities. Combining a mix of entertaining tasks with the competitive nature of the apprentice theme gives participants a great opportunity to come up with some truly fantastic solutions, and pick up some important skills on the way.

WiseUp deliver everything you need along with a panel of “experts” directly to you, meaning that arranging an exciting activity day is easy. The day can be tailored around your group size, age and skill set, and is an indoor activity, meaning that we can set up everything we need with just a little space.

Get in touch

If you would like more information on our apprentice themed days or to check availability, please complete our easy enquiry form or request a call back.

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