First Aid

First Aid

Participants will get the opportunity to learn valuable and potentially life-saving skills during these highly interactive sessions. Working in small groups, students will practise techniques from splinting and bandaging to placing someone in the recovery position and basic CPR. Not only are these sessions a great way for young people to try something different, by doing so in teams means they are still working on their team building skills such as communication and delegation.

Why WiseUp

Our highly trained instructors have had many years of first aid training in a number of different regions of the world. Bringing all of this experience and expertise to students in a safe and structured environment allows young people to develop critical thinking and decision making skills. These are not only crucial for participants personal development but can also be transferred back into the classroom for reaching national curriculum targets.

What We Offer

WiseUp believes all young people should have access to learning basic first aid, and has developed a number of different age appropriate sessions to fulfil this. With younger years concentrating on personal safety and simple bandaging techniques, older students will have the opportunity to develop incident management procedures and higher level injury treatment. Topics covered will range from dealing with breaks, sprains and strains to caring for an unconscious patient.

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