Time attack

Time Attack

Our brand new challenge is perfect for reward days and the end of term as students have fun in teams during this energetic and fast paced event against the clock.  These sessions offer learners a great opportunity to identify an individual’s strengths to help their team complete as many timed activities as possible. With over 35 freshly incorporated physical and logical tasks to encourage friendly competition, and large multi-group challenges a feature of every event, student’s teamwork and interpersonal skills will be enhanced as they make decisions in the heat of the moment.

Why WiseUp

We bring all of the equipment needed for a fantastic school team building day to you and can operate Time Attack in any available space. Whole year groups as well as smaller teams can be catered for, with a competition element adding extra excitement. The design of the challenge is such that every student in each group will find a chance to shine among their peers, building personal confidence and raising self-esteem. At other times, participants will need to exercise self-restraint and the ability to put others before themselves in order for their team to earn maximum points.

What we Offer

Every year group is catered for with these activity days, with easier and more difficult options available. We have also developed variations especially for Gifted and Talented streams, as well as for students with severe Special Education Needs. Our teams of trained instructors will use in-depth debriefings to facilitate students learning and their ability to transfer the skills gained during the activity back into the classroom and every day life.

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