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About The Hub Challenge Outdoor Activity Day

When booking The Hub Challenge, you can look forward to our team assembling up to 32 different team building and problem solving activities on your school site. These activities will have been specially picked from our bank of 50 challenges to be the most suitable for the age range of your students and to achieve your objectives of the day. The Hub encourages the students to plan, communicate, work together and stay motivated in a fun, energy packed activity day suitable for any group.

How will the day run?

After a short presentation outlining the day, participants move outside to focus on their team work skills in groups of up to 12, as they move between the activities they have chosen. The emphasis is on students taking ownership of their learning, using critical thinking to develop ideas on how to solve the challenges. Their social skills will be enhanced as they learn to communicate with their team mates, on plans and solutions as well as evaluating their own performance after each activity.

All-in multiple group challenges are often incorporated into our activity days, bringing a competition element in a fun, inclusive event. These are a great way to finish, ensuring participants go into the final de-brief in high spirits.

Full day

The Hub Challenge has more than enough activities to keep your students occupied for a full day. Typically in a normal school day students will complete between 16 – 22 activities from the 32 activities set out. Most schools choose to run the day between their normal school hours, however as The Hub Challenge is so flexible we can cater outside of these hours where required.

Limited on time

If you are limited on time then a half day would be perfect. Our half day sessions last up to 3 hours and you can either have a morning session 9am – 12.00pm or an afternoon session from 12.30pm – 3.3opm

Limited on budget

If you are limited on budget then a split day is ideal. We would work with half of your students in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. As we would be working with a smaller number of students at any one time it requires less of our WiseUp Instructors thus reducing the price.


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