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Team building activities in schools are a hugely important part of the development of young people. Unfortunately there are a lot of barriers in place that limit the accessibility to school team building activities – until now. WiseUp Team Building is dedicated to making sure that team building in schools is a reality. We bring everything needed to have an enjoyable and educational experience to you.

Our school team building activity days encourage students to work together and develop a range of skills. These include communication, planning, and working as part of a team. Not only do these skills benefit young people during their school years, but they also transfer well into life after education, both in personally and professionally.

Why WiseUp?

If you’re looking for school team building activities then you’ve come to the right place. WiseUp are on hand to bring everything you need straight to you. This means you don’t have to worry about transport fees, disrupting your students or having to staff a school trip. We offer a great range of school team building days that are both fun and educational. These can be tailored to suit a whole range of groups and skill levels. In addition, there is no limit on how many people wish to attend.

We’re dedicated to making sure that indoor and outdoor activity days for schools are available to everyone. Whether you’re looking for primary or secondary school activity days, WiseUp can help.

What we offer

Our mobile school team building days are designed to suit a wide variety of age groups and skill level. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activity options. These include a great range of primary and secondary school activity days designed to suit the individual requirements of the age group. Popular activities include The Hub Challenge and The Bushcraft Challenge. These activity days for school children work perfectly for both primary and secondary school-age learners.

We also have a great selection of indoor school activity sessions, including Apprentice-themed activity days and The Giant Bridge Challenge. After all, the weather should never be a barrier to learning outside of the curriculum.

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