WiseUp Team Building have been running London school team building activity days ever since the company was first set up. With our workshop, office and base close by in Kent, WiseUp offer a convenient option for schools in the capital. We provide team building days to students on school premises. As a result, this saves all the hassle of arranging an off-site trip.

Why WiseUp

The importance of outdoor education on young people’s learning is increasing. Unfortunately, so too is the amount of paperwork needed for schools to take students to activity centres. WiseUp presents teachers with a simple alternative. Have WiseUp come to your school to run team building activities instead! This significantly reduces teacher’s stress levels and increases students’ enjoyment without long journey times. Our teams of instructors travel regularly within the capital, providing high quality activity days in a range of locations.

What We Offer

The huge range of fun and educational team building activities offered by WiseUp will guarantee all participants have an exciting and enjoyable day. Whether out on a field or playground, or inside classrooms and sports halls, our teams of qualified instructors will use custom made equipment to engage students in fun and rewarding challenges. WiseUp make arranging team building activity days in London easy and simple to do. We have a straightforward booking process and streamlined organisation to ensure everything is in place before every event.

SEN Activity Workshops

For students who require more time to complete tasks, our team building activities are ideal. The adaptable structure of our challenges means the focus of each event can be tailored to suit the needs of every group. In addition, many of our problem solving activity tasks have no time limits. So this allows SEN pupils to work through the challenges at a pace they are comfortable with. WiseUp know that some learners may focus better in a room away from other people. Consequently, our bespoke equipment can be set up across several different areas and spaces to accommodate this.

Gifted & Talented

It is always tricky challenging gifted and talented students. But not so with a team building day provided by WiseUp. With several difficulty levels to all of our events, even the brightest students will encounter a challenge as a result. Working in teams, WiseUp encourage pupils to explore every possibility to develop a solution. Often, it will be the strangest idea that ends up completing a task! We enjoy getting the best out of every learner we work with, and our instructors will adapt the challenges to do this for gifted and talented groups.

Get in Touch

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