Nationwide School Team Building

Nationwide team building

Even though we are based in the South East of England WiseUp Team Building travel nationwide to deliver activity days at your school. Because we have multiple teams out every day at different locations across the U.K it means we do not add additional charges based on how far away your school is. So a school in Scotland would pay exactly the same as a school in our local village if their numbers were the same.

The map below shows the areas we cover.


School team building activity days can be a fantastic way of breaking the ice in new groups of students, giving them the opportunity to learn vital skills and knowledge in an exciting, fun and safe environment.

WiseUp provide a whole host of challenges to test the young minds of groups all over the country. Instead of travelling far and wide for activity days, we bring everything you need for a great day, straight to you.

We provide a wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities which can be tailored to fit any age and ability. From key stage 1 & 2 to higher education and beyond, we have an expansive array of exciting activities delivered to locations nationwide.

Why WiseUp?

Taking large groups of young people long distances can be costly and difficult to organise.

Instead of travelling miles for team building activity days, we bring all the staff, equipment and planning to you. We deliver an ever expanding arsenal of fun activities to locations nationwide.

Whether you are looking to develop team building skills in younger children or help larger sixth form groups grasp the skills needed in professional life, WiseUp provide school activity days tailored to everything from your group size to skill requirements.

Not only do we operate in larger cities such as Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leeds, but also smaller locations in the countryside or towns of the UK. This means that wherever you are, you can expect top quality equipment you need, brought to you and organised by a member of our handy and experienced team.

What’s on offer?

We offer a wide array of nationwide school team building activity days, including: assault courses, archery, bushcraft activity and orienteering activities. One of our more popular activity days is The Hub Challenge, which features a fun assortment of over 50 challenging activities to choose from.

Everything that you need can be packed in one of our WiseUp vans and transported to locations all over the country. All of our activities can be tailored to individual group specifications, and will be organised and orchestrated in a safe, fun and informative environment.


If you would like to know more about our nationwide school team building activity days or would like to check availability, please complete our easy enquiry form or request a call back.