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Team Building & Problem Solving Activity Days in Bristol Schools

WiseUp provide an extensive range of mobile team building workshops for schools across Bristol. Primary & Secondary Schools love our KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 activity days. Our older challenge events for KS5 and beyond are great fun for Sixth Form, College and University students. Every Bristol school team building day is fun and educational. The aim of each activity challenge can be tailored to suit the needs of the day. As a result, they are ideal for secondary and sixth form transition days, collapsed timetable weeks and end of term reward events.

Outdoor & Indoor Activities

Our bespoke equipment can be used both outdoors and indoors. The versatile design of our challenges means that we can run events almost anywhere, no matter the space. Outdoor fields, courts, AstroTurf and multi-use games areas are perfect for learning outside the classroom with our activities. For days when the weather is not so great, or if a school has limited outdoor space, almost all of our problem solving events can be spread across a couple of indoor spaces. Classrooms, gyms, dance studios, sports halls and even corridors – we can work in any space.

We Come to You

WiseUp run our team building activity days at schools across Bristol. From Primary & Secondary schools to Sixth Form Colleges and Universities, we bring our group challenge events to your school site. A few of the places we travel to include:

Avonmouth. Bedminster. Brislington. Cholesbury. Clifton. Fishponds. Hawridge. Henbury. Little Chalfont. Shirehampton. Stapleton

Activities at your school site

Taking students to an outdoor centre for a day is not cheap. It is also fairly logistically challenging, with coaches to organise and packed lunches to sort. Bringing WiseUp Team Building directly to your school in Bristol offers a significantly cheaper and easier alternative. One of our teams will bring all of the equipment needed to your school, set up, run the event and pack everything away at the end of the day. With much of the organisation done prior to the day with our activities team, your school staff are better able to enjoy the day with student teams. All group sizes are catered for, including whole year groups or even entire schools. The flexible nature of our events means we can structure the day around your normal school timings to make the logistics even easier.

A WiseUp activity day meets many of the Ofsted standards for the provision of outdoor learning. This is across all key stages and year groups. In addition, our problem solving and team building challenges fulfil many of the STEM requirements across the national curriculum.

SEN Activity Workshops

For students who require more time to complete tasks, our team building activities are ideal. The adaptable structure of our challenges means the focus of each event can be tailored to suit the needs of every group. In addition, many of our problem solving activity tasks have no time limits. So this allows SEN pupils to work through the challenges at a pace they are comfortable with. WiseUp know that some learners may focus better in a room away from other people. Consequently, our bespoke equipment can be set up across several different areas and spaces to accommodate this.

Gifted & Talented

It is always tricky challenging gifted and talented students. But not so with a team building day provided by WiseUp. With several difficulty levels to all of our events, even the brightest students will encounter a challenge as a result. Working in teams, WiseUp encourage pupils to explore every possibility to develop a solution. Often, it will be the strangest idea that ends up completing a task! We enjoy getting the best out of every learner we work with, and our instructors will adapt the challenges to do this for gifted and talented groups.

Get in Touch

To discuss what outdoor learning activities WiseUp Team Building could bring to your school, or to check available dates, please use our easy enquiry form. If you would rather have a chat about our educational and fun challenges, please give us a call on 01732 822753.

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