Teacher Inset Activity Days


In what is often a very busy environment, we realise that school workers are sometimes just as much in need of a fun day of team building activities as the students they work with. As with all of our other events, we bring the equipment to you to create a staff inset day with a difference!

Whether it is for a small departmental team or the entire school staff, our bespoke programmes provide a great opportunity for all job roles to interact in a fun, non pressured environment. This is a great way of breaking the ice for staff, and is fantastic at building motivation for everyone involved to start the new school term with an added boost.

Why WiseUp?

WiseUp Team Building have years of experience in planning and orchestrating great teacher inset days. We know how busy teaching staff are, especially at the start of a new term, and that is why we make sure that we are extra flexible with our events. We make them work around you and your team, so that you can focus on having fun. Whilst some schools are able to enjoy a full day of activities, others choose to combine their own start of year training with a half day activity session.

We provide a range of activities for different skill sets and abilities, so whether you are looking to get competitive or just want to enjoy a bit of light-hearted fun, we have you covered.

What we offer

We offer a huge range of activities, tailored to the requirements of your group. All of the equipment needed is packed into our vans, easily set up and ready to use. Activities include a wide choice of tasks and games, designed to be fun, challenging and to help build team-work skills.

Get in touch

With all schools in the country starting around the same time in September, these dates fill up quickly. If you would like more information on any of our teacher inset days or to check availability, please complete our easy enquiry form or request a call back.