Teacher Training Activities

Thinking about becoming a teacher?

We understand that deciding on any career is a big decision. If you are considering entering the education sector, but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you, or if you are unsure of what age group you would prefer to train to work with, then WiseUp may be able to help. We are able to offer work experience opportunities in primary and secondary schools, as well as universities and colleges. By giving people the chance to work with a range of students right across the educational spectrum, including those with Special Education Needs and/or behavioural issues, we believe this helps potential educators make a more informed decision about the area of teaching they would be best suited to.

Are you a teacher in training?

WiseUp work with a number of accredited teacher training programmes to assist trainees to gain more practical experience in schools. Working alongside our trained instructors across a range of activities will give you the opportunity to interact with students in a more informal, yet structured setting.

ouActing as supplementary support, you will be shown and taught a variety of tools and techniques for teaching and interacting with students while they complete various challenges. These transferable skills are able to be brought back into the classroom to help deliver lessons which fulfil the ‘Every Child Matters’ criteria. Additionally, this will help trainees be at the forefront of educational development with Learning Outside the Classroom becoming much more prominent in the national curriculum, and the benefits of outdoor learning in general being found to have a profoundly positive impact on students learning.

Already a teacher?

Keeping up with the latest developments in the education sector is almost a full time job in itself! With government guidelines ever changing, one positive aspect is the increasing importance of outdoor learning to students education. Not only is this in line with the current push to get children active outside, it has also been proven to help students focus and concentration back in the classroom.

WiseUp offer a range of sessions to teachers which aim to share the knowledge we have accumulated over many years working with schools. Examples of the types of sessions we are able to offer include:

  • Helping with lesson development which incorporates the outdoor environment to meet the UK national curriculum targets.
  • Techniques for working with students with SEN and behavioural issues in order to help them achieve.
  • Practical activity sessions which teachers will be able to take back to school and complete with their own students.

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