Year 1 & 2 Activities

Our Year 1 & 2 team building activity days are aimed specifically at students at the beginning of their educational path. They introduce and build good habits for learning. Working in groups, students learn the importance of taking turns, listening to what others have to say, whilst building the confidence to communicate effectively. Ultimately the overall focus being on having great fun!

About Year 1 & 2 Student Activities

The variety of activities actively encourages students to use imagination and creativity in their learning. With the incorporation of basic maths and PE skills, our challenges fulfil many of the national curriculum learning points as a result. Some activities for instance use balance, co-ordination and agility, with more logical elements in others.

We bring all the equipment to you and our instructors will run your activity day at your school site. The flexibility of our challenges means they can be run in almost any space, indoors or outside.

Team Building & Problem Solving

Our Mission Possible activity day includes a combination of both physical and logical challenges. Additionally, setting the team tasks around a great story promotes imaginative thinking. Students taking part in our Bushcraft Challenge will learn exciting survival skills in a safe and structured environment. WiseUp’s purpose built Assault Course offers younger students the chance to practise their team work skills across a range of different activities. Take a look at the activity pages below for more details on these fantastic challenge workshops.

Suggested Activities For Year 1 & 2

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