Apprentice Themed Activity Day

Price Range Between

£8.25 - £18.00

Per Person

Suitable For Years

9 - 13

Including College

Business Skills, Project Management, Team Building

WiseUp’s Apprentice Themed Day has been especially designed for older students. With a strong focus on business skills, this busy day will test participant’s ability to delegate. Highlighting the strengths of each member of the team is a crucial element of the event as students will need to approach the challenge with a Divide and Conquer mentality. Strategic time management and budget control are a fundamental part of this team building day as groups will need to decide how best to allocate these resources. 


Team Building & Business Skills

How Will The Day Run?

A team of WiseUp instructors will arrive at your site, bringing all of the necessary equipment in one of our branded vans. We will set up a series of equipment shops around the activity area before presenting the day to the students.

Throughout the course of the day, teams will need to design, plan and budget for a project. They will then need to buy the materials and build their design, while maintaining meticulous financial records. Effective and innovative advertising campaigns will need to be devised and created, alongside planning marketing strategies and a presentation to a panel of experts.

By working together in this way, students learn not only the value of the individual strengths of each person in the team, but also how they function as a whole. By having to explain their ideas and motivations, each participant is held accountable for his or her own contributions. Extensive testing of the final product always ensures that teams finish the day laughing!

Why Choose WiseUp Team Building?

Our apprentice days are one of our most challenging but exciting activities. Combining a mix of entertaining tasks with the competitive nature of the apprentice theme gives participants a great opportunity to come up with some truly fantastic solutions, and pick up some important skills on the way.

WiseUp deliver everything you need along with a panel of “experts” directly to you, meaning that arranging an exciting activity day is easy. The day can be tailored around your group size, age and skill set. Our Apprentice Themed days can be run as an indoor or outdoor activity, making it a great option for colder winter months.

Full Apprentice Themed Day

This challenge is best suited to a full day, given the in depth nature of the activity. The day is able to be structured around your school timings, so no need to adjust break or lunch times.

Limited on Time

WiseUp Team Building are able to run an abridged version of our Apprentice Themed Day for schools with shorter time frames. We can run morning sessions until 12 o’clock midday or afternoon sessions from 12.30pm until the end of the school day.

Limited on Space or Budget

For schools with smaller budgets or not as much available space, WiseUp offer split days. This is where we would run the abridged version of our Apprentice Themed Day with half of your group in the morning, then repeat it with the other half of the group in the afternoon.

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