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6th Form Activity Days

We realise that for students starting 6th form the most crucial element is meeting new people. Making new contacts can be tough, particularly when coming in from different schools. Our 6th form activity and team building days offer the perfect ice breakers. We bring participants together as they learn new skills whilst working in teams.

We have a great selection of indoor and outdoor team building activities, specifically chosen for larger groups of young adults of differing ages and capabilities. More advanced versions of all of our activities are available. Additionally we have older year specific sessions which incorporate many of the soft skill sets needed in future employment.

Why Choose WiseUp Team Building

Our 6th form team building and activity days are a fantastic way of getting students to work together and learn new skills. Instead of travelling miles for these activity days, WiseUp bring all you need, straight to you. We offer a range of educational and fun exercises. These can be tailored to fit any group size and skill level. We believe that outdoor activities should be available to everyone, and work hard to provide excellent activities to 6th forms all over the country.

WiseUp Team Building Activity Days

We offer a huge range of both indoor and outdoor team building activities for 6th form students all year round. These include The Hub Challenge. The Bushcraft Challenge, and for a great business challenge, our Apprentice Themed Day. Not only are all of our activities incredibly fun, they also teach team building, communication and confidence building skills. These skills will be vital assets to young adults as they go through higher education and out into the wider world.

Suggested Activities for 6th Form students

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