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Primary School Team Building Activity Days

We realise that primary school is an exciting and important part of a child’s education. Our specially designed primary school team building activity days are certainly fun and engaging. They also tie in with the national curriculum. Our activities are tailored to suit each year group, from Reception through to Year 6.  

Exciting team building and communications tasks which can greatly aid young children in their development are our speciality. WiseUp make learning team skills interactive and rewarding. As a result, students gain the maximum benefit from each day. Our trained instructors focus on the personal, social, moral and cultural development of all learners. This creates a safe environment where they learn to deal with new situations and experiences for each year group.

If you are looking for activity days to help students make the transition from Primary to Secondary school, please check out our Year 7 Transition team building activities.

Onsite Primary School Team Building

WiseUp offer a wide range of educational problem solving activities tailored to any age and ability. Taking young children potentially long distances for activities is tough. Instead, we bring all the equipment needed to run exciting team building challenges to your site. Our trained professionals ensure that everything is well organised and stress free for everyone. We have years of experience in providing high quality school activity days for young children. As a result, you can be certain that your pupils are in good hands with WiseUp.

WiseUp Team Building Activity Days

Primary school children go through big changes during their years at school, therefore each year group has individual requirements when it comes to activity days. We provide a great mix of primary school team building activity days for each year. These include our Bushcraft Challenge, Assault Course and our newest specially designed Mission Possible event! Each of these activities are designed to be safe, educational and fun for every age group.

Two young girls wearing helmets work together to carry yellow bucket on team building activity

Key Stage 1 Team Building: Year 1 & Year 2

Our team building challenges for KS1 children are designed to work on key motor skills. We incorporate throwing and catching, as well as balancing and running. Learning to share and take turns, Year 1 and Year 2 children will have lots of fun with their classmates.

Key Stage 2 Team Building: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6

In the second half of primary school, developing children’s social skills is incredibly important. Our activities encourage students to learn when to step up and lead, and when it might be better to let others take charge.

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