University Activity Days

Team Building & Problem Solving

University activity days can be a great way for students to meet new people in fun and engaging sessions. For a lot of young people, university if the first time they are in a large educational environment. Being with so many people they have never met before has the potential to be fairly overwhelming. Additionally, it may be the first time students have lived away from home. As a result, they may feel under pressure with so much new information to absorb.

Taking part in an energetic and fun problem solving activity event can help to alleviate this. It could be with classmates, new work colleagues, hall residents or as part of a sports team. By grouping together for a common goal, it breaks the ice and gives them something to talk about. The skills used on the activity days can them be transferred to subject specific group work over the duration of a course.

About University Activities

All of our indoor and outdoor activities are adaptable to suit older students, including archery, Bushcraft and The Hub. We have previously worked with universities looking to select new halls of residence leaders and student union employees. In addition, we have also run events for sports teams wanting to break the ice with new members. Sessions can also be run during Freshers Fairs and Activity Weeks.

We come to you, bringing our educational and fun activities with a team of instructors to your campus all year round.

Suggested activities for University students

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