Year 3 & 4 Activities

Team Building & Problem Solving

WiseUp Team Building has a whole variety of Year 3 & 4 activity days to choose from to suit students starting Key Stage 2.  We encourage students to look at challenges from different perspectives. In addition, team members gain practise in communicating their own ideas and solutions clearly and concisely. Emphasis is placed on participants learning to evaluate and recognise their own success, as well as areas for improvement.

About Year 3 & 4 Student Activities

Taking part in team activities helps students to learn to begin cooperating well with others. As a consequence, they are better able to resolve conflicts effectively. These skills then translate back into the classroom and beyond. We are also able to tailor the focus of our team building activity days to suit the needs of the group.

For practical, hands on sessions, our Bushcraft Challenge is ideal.  WiseUp’s popular Mission Possible activity day incorporates team building with a mixture of logical and physical problem solving challenges. For a more detailed look at these and other great options for Year 3 & 4, click on the activities below.

We offer all of our educational and fun activities all year round. Our team of instructors will bring all of the equipment needed to your school site, and run the challenges in any space, outdoors or inside.

Suggested Activities For Year 3 & 4

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