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Staff & Teacher Inset Days

WiseUp’s staff & teacher inset days involve active challenges to bring people together. As with all of our other events, we bring the equipment to you to run a staff inset day with a difference! In what is often a very busy environment, it’s important to have teams who are able to communicate and work together effectively.

Whether it is for a specific department, the entire teaching staff, or your whole school team, our bespoke programmes provide a great opportunity for teachers to interact in a fun, non pressured environment. It’s a great way of breaking the ice for staff across the school.  Activity days additionally build motivation for everyone involved. As a result, staff start the new school term with an added boost.

WiseUp Staff & Teacher Activities

WiseUp Team Building can run a full day, half day or short sessions of fun activities to engage and excite staff teams. Advanced versions of the extremely popular Hub Challenge encourage out of the box thinking and clear communication. Sessions available for staff as part of The Bushcraft Challenge include advanced firelighting and handcrafting wood work. Archery sessions are always a great opportunity for staff to try something a bit different. As a fun finale, Catapult Building brings out the competitive spirit in some staff, while needing the design and maths skills of others.

The flexible nature of our staff and teacher inset days means we are able to work with any number of staff for any length of time. Some schools incorporate sessions with WiseUp to break up desk based admin days at the start of the academic year. Others have an enjoyable time with us as a reward before breaking up at the end of the term.

Suggested Activities for Staff & Teacher Inset Days

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