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Team Building, Practical Skills, Outdoor Learning

The ancient sport of archery has long enjoyed a proud position in history, with the bows and arrows of the English archers winning battles and providing food for many throughout the ages. These days it is a great opportunity for people to try something high risk in a safe environment.

Archery is the perfect sport for all kids and adults, helping to improve hand-eye co-ordination in a fun, inclusive activity. By using games and challenges which combine mental and physical attributes, participants are able to develop their skills individually whilst also remaining part of a team.

Onsite School Archery Activity Day

How will the day run?

Our Archery GB qualified instructors will bring all of the necessary equipment direct to your venue, from bows and arrows to protective back nets. Archery is an extremely versatile activity as a range can be set up in any large space, from an outdoor field to an indoor sports hall. After a safety briefing and demonstration, participants will take turns shooting at targets while receiving instruction from WiseUp staff. After a few warm up rounds, competitions and games will be played, including the ever popular “Pizza” and “Holiday Game.”

WiseUp Team Building can offer our archery sessions all year round. Whether as part of an archery club, fun activity days, summer scheme or a series of progressive lessons, each session can be tailored to the specific needs of the group.

Why Choose WiseUp Team Building?

WiseUp’s team of professional instructors are able to adapt our archery sessions to suit the individual needs of the group. We frequently work with younger students in early Primary and SEN groups across the UK. By bringing the equipment to your school, our sessions are significantly more affordable than taking participants offsite. In addition, we are able to run sessions for adult groups, including school staff and teacher inset days.

Taster Sessions

Archery taster sessions last for 1 hour and will start with a brief introduction to the sport along with a safety brief before moving onto teaching the students correct shooting techniques. The session then finishes with a fun competition between the students. We can work with a maximum of 12 students per instructor and can fit 4 taster sessions into the duration of the day.

Improver Sessions

An improver session is perfect for those groups wanting to take it one step further. The session lasts for half a day and will take the students from complete beginner to having an understanding of how to operate safely on the archery range. The half day session allows more time to hone those skills and put them into practice with some fun competitions.

Advanced Sessions

The advanced archery session lasts for the duration of a full day and takes the students from picking up their first bow to by the end of the session being able to select their own equipment, string a bow and shoot confidently on the range. The advanced session previously formed the basis of the GCSE syllabus for Archery, so is extremely comprehensive.

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