Activity Day Prices

At WiseUp we pride ourselves on the quality of our days. We strongly believe this is why we have such a high re-booking rate. Our company is constantly trying to get the balance of making the day as affordable as possible without comprising on the high quality. We always stick to strict instructor to participant ratios.  This is regardless of whether you book for a group of 30 or over 700. Having this ratio makes sure that all those taking part receive the same high standard of instruction.

By keeping a simple per head charge for our days makes it easy for teachers to budget. Whether your school is in Scotland, London or on the Isle of White we charge the same.

The Hub Challenge - Time Attack - Mission Possible

Students Full Day Half Day Split Day
0 - 29 £495 £495 £495
30 - 99 £14.00pp £11.20pp £8.40pp
100 -199 £13.00pp £10.40pp £7.80pp
200 - 299 £12.00pp £9.60pp £7.20pp
300 - 399 £11.00pp £8.80pp £6.60pp
400 - 499 £10.00pp £8.00pp £6.00pp
500 - 599 £9.00pp £7.20pp £5.40pp
600 - 699 £8.00pp £6.40pp £4.80pp
700+ £7.00pp £5.60pp £4.20pp

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