Giant Bridge Challenge

Price Range Between

£15.00 - £20.00

Per Person

Suitable For Year Groups

5 - 10

Teamwork, Design Skills, Time Management

Students work together to create a strong, weight bearing giant bridge in this exciting challenge. Depending on the size and age of the group, participants will have the opportunity to work with a variety of materials to plan, budget for and build a structure capable of carrying anything from a radio controlled car to a person. This activity works on strengthening communication skills and can be run a number of different ways to include specific aims and objectives for each group.

Teamwork at the Highest Level

How will the day run?

Students will be given a presentation on different bridge styles and building techniques. We discuss the benefits and limitations of each, and look at when you would choose to use which style. Students are then split into teams to design their own bridge, in 2D and then a 3D mini model. Once teams are confident in their design and build plan, they then move on to building their Giant Bridge.

As with all building projects, team work is vital to ensure success. Throughout the day, our instructors will run team building activities and challenges with teams. These are structured to build trust within the team and improve communication.  At the end of the day, and after safety checked by WiseUp Instructors, each Bridge will be tested to see if they can stand up to the challenge!

Why Choose WiseUp Team Building?

WiseUp bring all of the equipment needed for our activity days to your school site. We are able to run our events all year round in most spaces schools provide. This includes fields, outdoor courts and Multi-Use Games Areas.  For winter activity days, our sessions can also be run in sports halls, indoor gyms and classrooms. The flexibility of WiseUp Team Building’s activity challenges means we tailor the timings of each event to your school timings.

Our instructor teams ensure that students gain valuable skills throughout every one of our school activity days. Resilience is crucial in our Giant Bridge Build challenge as quite often multiple adjustments are needed to make a design work. Teams improve their communication skills, not just amongst themselves, but with other teams as well.

Giant Bridge Build Timings

Our Giant Bridge Build works best when incorporated with another of our challenges. It works well as a companion activity with The Hub Challenge or The Bushcraft Challenge.

Limited on Time

For schools with less time, Giant Bridge Build works perfectly as a half day activity. Our instructors can run a morning session from the start of the school day until 12 o’clock midday at the latest. Alternatively, our afternoon sessions begin at 12.30pm at the earliest, and run until the end of the school day.

Limited on Budget

A split day is a great option for larger group sizes or those who are a bit more cost conscious. By working with half of the total number of students in the morning, and half in the afternoon, we are able to reduce the cost of staffing the day. WiseUp Team Building then pass this onto our clients, making a split day exceptionally good value for money.

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