Mission Possible

Price Range Between

£6.00 - £16.00

Per Person

Suitable For Year Groups

1 - 6

Including Early Years

Team Building, Problem Solving, Fun & Reward Days

Our popular Mission Possible event is the perfect KS1 & KS2 team building event. WiseUp have a mission to complete and we need your students help to do it! Working together in teams to attempt a variety of challenges, co-ordination, communication and co-operation will be tested and enhanced. Some of the activities target physical strength, others are more aimed at mental ability. All will need teamwork to be completed.

Over the course of the day, students work towards solving a top secret mission by gaining clues for every activity they complete. They must try and gather as many as possible and avoid letting key information slip to potential spies. Are your students up for the challenge?

KS1 & KS2 Team Building Activity Day

How will the day run?

Our team of WiseUp instructors will arrive at your site, bringing with them all of the equipment needed and set up the activities for the day. Students attend a short Mission briefing to find out what crime has been committed and what they need to do to solve it. School staff have a briefing of their own before taking their group of 10-12 students to their first activity. Upon completion, the whole team returns to the Mission Possible HQ to receive their clue and next task. Bonus clues are available based on areas that your school feels the students need to particularly focus on, such as being kind to one another or celebrating others success.

At the end of the day, teams will find out if, as a combined group, they were able to figure out the final suspect, location and means of destruction to solve their Mission.

Why Choose WiseUp Team Building?

Our activities management team have specifically designed Mission Possible as a KS1 & KS2 team building day, ensuring that the activities are challenging yet manageable for the younger years. Tying into the national curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2, basic numeracy and literacy skills are used throughout the day. In addition, we incorporate agility elements including throwing, catching, jumping, running and balancing. The event also encourages active reflection from students. This allows them the chance to demonstrate improvement from one task to the next, individually and as a team.

WiseUp instructors work with hundreds of schools nationwide every year. Our teams bring a range of specialist skills and enthusiastic energy alongside all the equipment needed to run an exciting and fun team building day. The streamlined booking process makes it simple and straightforward to secure your chosen date. Our management team works closely with the Lead Teacher to ensure the smooth organisation and running of the day, providing and confirming information in advance through our comprehensive Members Area.

Full Day of Mission Possible

Currently comprising of over 30 different activities, Mission Possible is capable of keeping students engaged for a whole day. The flexible structure of the event means it can fit into the regular running of your school timetable. There is no need to adjust break or lunch times.

Limited on Time

Half day sessions last up to 3 hours so are great to fill a shorter time slot. We can run half days as either a morning session between 9.00am – 12.00pm or an afternoon session from 12.30pm – 3.30pm.

Limited on Budget

For some younger students, a full day of activities can be quite tiring. Split days allow half of the teams to participate in the challenges in the morning. Then after a break, the other half takes part in the afternoon. This mean our instructors are working with a smaller number of students at a time. As a result, this reduces the cost of staffing the event. This works well for schools with a bit of a tighter timetable or budget.

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