First Aid

Price Range Between

£15.00 - £20.00

Per Person

Suitable For Year Groups

6 - 13

WiseUp Team Building’s first aid sessions for primary and secondary schools are the perfect way for students to get hands on. With all equipment provided, learners will get the chance to bandage, sling and split an array of different potential injuries. Our sessions combine a selection of skills with fun, interactive challenges. These have been designed to enable teams to get the most out of a first aid activity day.

Not only are these sessions a great way for young people to try something different, working in groups means they are still working on their team building skills. These include communication, delegation and organisation.

First Aid Sessions in Schools

How will the day run?

A team of WiseUp instructors will arrive at your school before the start of the day. They will bring all of the equipment to set up your event, ready for the students to arrive. A short presentation explains how the session will run and what skills will be taught. Students are then grouped together in small teams to move between the skill stations.

Depending on time and the students age and ability, the day may culminate in a scenario finale. These scenarios bring together all of the skills worked on throughout the day. The WiseUp lead instructor will then round up the day with a de-brief to all groups about how they have done and any further learning points.

Why choose WiseUp Team Building

Our  instructors have had many years of first aid training in a number of different regions of the world. Bringing all of this experience and expertise to students in a safe and structured environment allows young people to develop critical thinking and decision making skills. These are not only crucial for participants personal development but can also be transferred back into the classroom for reaching national curriculum targets.

WiseUp believes all young people should have access to learning basic first aid. We have developed a number of different age appropriate sessions to fulfil this. With younger years concentrating on personal safety and simple bandaging techniques, older students will have the opportunity to develop incident management procedures and higher level injury treatment. Topics covered will range from dealing with breaks, sprains and strains to caring for an unconscious patient.

Full Day of First Aid

WiseUp are able to offer a full day of interactive first aid sessions. A full day will give students the chance to practise a wide variety of skills while giving them the time to consolidate their learning. Alongside the practical skills, groups will also spend time enhancing their teamwork, with communication challenges added into the day.

Limited on Time

For schools with a limited timetable, WiseUp Team Building are able to run half day sessions of our first aid activity days. Our instructors will choose a combination of the most age appropriate skills to focus on with student teams. A morning session starts at your normal school time and can run until 12 o’clock midday at the latest. For an afternoon session,t he earliest start time is 12.30pm and these session run until approximately 3.30pm.

Limited on Budget

WiseUp Team Building also offer our first aid sessions in schools as a split day. This means we would work with half of the group in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon. Not only does this make the day a cheaper alternative, it is also ideal for schools who may be short of space.

Emergency first aid can be incorporated into The Bushcraft Challenge as a station for certain year groups. Please contact us to discuss.

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