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COVID -19 Update

WiseUp Team Building strive to support our staff and clients during these uncertain times. Due to the closure of schools by the UK government, WiseUp have amended our policies in line with these restrictions. If your school has a booking with us on a date that falls during the official government school closure, please contact us to cancel or move your booking to an alternative available date free of charge. Should your booking fall on a date outside of the official government closure, our normal terms and conditions will apply. Please feel free to email us at info@wiseup-teambuilding.co.uk to discuss your booking in more detail.

We are particularly mindful that many young people might struggle to re-integrate after the current lockdown. This is especially relevant for students in transition years, from Year 6 into Year 7 and from Year 11 into Sixth Form or College. Many of these young people may not have had the opportunity to properly say goodbye to friends as would usually happen at the end of the school year. The social distancing restrictions will have a huge impact on their mental health and social skills. With this in mind, WiseUp have adjusted the aims of our events to focus on these areas. This will help students and teachers re-establish their in-person communication skills to bond better as a result.

With visits to traditional residential outdoor centres viewed by many schools as high risk, an onsite activity day means that teachers are able to control the environment around their students much more effectively. Our staff have always worked with teachers to ensure the smooth running of every event, and we will be happy to talk through different options. WiseUp have introduced a number of new measures to ensure the highest levels of safety for all of our instructors, teachers and students. These will be incorporated into the running of our events as soon as they are permitted to resume.

We have seen an extra influx of bookings for July and September with many days almost fully booked. If there is a particular date you have in mind, please get in touch to find out how we can help your students upon their return to school.


WiseUp run team building activity days in schools for students of all ages and group sizes, at a venue of your choice. We come to you and travel to locations across the UK. We bring all of the equipment needed for educational and fun school team building challenge days. WiseUp provide a broad range of problem solving activities to fit a huge selection of different groups, from school team building activities for students to teacher training activity days.

Specialists in large groups

WiseUp specialise in large bookings, such as whole year groups or even multiple year groups. We have even previously worked with over 800 participants on a one day event. Our team are able to offer an extensive range of outdoor summer team activities, as well as indoor winter problem solving activities. Small groups are just as easily catered for, with our trained instructors able to create highly memorable school team building days for all participants.

These are just some of the activity days schools use us for:

  • Transition Days
  • Enrichment Days
  • Reward Days
  • Drop Down Days
  • Collapsed Timetable
  • Activity Weeks
  • Summer Schemes
  • Staff Development Days