Catapult Building Challenge

Price Range Between

£5.20 - £16.00

Per Person

Suitable For Year Groups

6 - 13

Plus College, Teachers etc

Teams will need to work together, pool their talents and delegate tasks in order to be successful in this high energy team activity! Catapult Building brings together a wide range of skills for an educational and entertaining activity session.

Plan, Design and Budget

Groups will need to come up with a comprehensive plan of action to decide what style of catapult they want to build, and who will be responsible for each different element. Time management is crucial as participants fine tune their design, and plan what materials they will need to make their vision come to life. Accurate budgeting of funds will be vital as teams may have to think of alternative ways of building their catapult.

Catapult Building

During the building phase, teams will be problem solving as they go. They will need to find solutions to problems they previously had not thought about as the build progresses. Critically, a Plan B and spare parts could be the saviour of a catapult. Lack thereof could mean it’s downfall!

Testing the Team

Testing the catapults is always a fun experience for groups. Each design is assessed for accuracy, range and longevity. This often means that the best looking catapult at the start of testing might collapse after only a few rounds. Alternatively, a less sleek design may prove to be more functional and long lasting.

Team work is essential to succeed in testing, as group members will be supporting their build, making quick fixes if something goes wrong and making decisions on where and how to aim.

Onsite School Catapult Building

WiseUp Team Building bring our Catapult Building Challenge, along with many other exciting activities, to schools across the UK. Our team of instructors will bring all of the equipment needed and set everything up before running a fun filled event for students. At the end of the day, all the kit is packed away and removed from the school site, as we practice the principle of Leave No Trace.

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