Sixth Form children working together on school team building activity

Higher Education Activity Days

WiseUp Team Building has a fantastic range of challenges designed for learners in Higher Education. Our university, college and 6th form activity days promote student integration. At the same time, they focus on key skills such as resilience, co-operation, forward planning and self evaluation. Throughout the tasks, participants will need to identify important information to create their own methods and solutions.

Why Choose WiseUp Team Building

The aims of our university, college and 6th form activity days links in with the 2014 British Chambers of Commerce Skills and Employment Manifesto. The report called for intensified efforts from schools to help pupils to develop soft employability skills. Students will learn there is often more than one way to solve a problem. WiseUp activity days encourage learners to  expand their ability to develop valuable critical thinking techniques. These are essential in today’s workforce. Utilising the strengths of the members of the team in our team building days makes for a significantly more effective approach to problem solving.

WiseUp Team Building Activity Days

WiseUp have a selection of team building and problem solving days for schools, colleges and universities. These include educational activities for enrichment days or fun challenges for the end of term. We come to you, bringing all the equipment needed. A team of our trained instructors will set up and run your activity day. As a result, organisers can enjoy the event as much as the participants.

The Hub Challenge is our most popular challenge day. Each activity is designed to ensure students work together with their team mates as they are impossible to complete without doing so. Teams need to score their performance, reflecting on skills such as communication and planning. Time Attack has been created especially with older students in mind, featuring a combination of physical and logical competitive team challenges. Our Apprentice Themed Day is another popular choice for students on the brink of joining the work force.

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