Year 7 team building activity days

Secondary School Activity Days

Being at secondary school can be a difficult transition for students. Meeting large groups of new people and coping with higher expectations of study can be tough. Our range of secondary school activity days are the perfect way of helping students break the ice. They work together on challenges and learn valuable lessons which help them later in life.

Skills such as communication, teamwork and application have been found to be as important as academic ability in predicting future earnings. This is according to the Demos ‘The Forgotten Half’ report. Getting students to consider how they can best work together to solve challenges is important. By reviewing the consequences in our activity days, their learning is much more effective and long lasting.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Our specially designed school activity days tie into many of the national curriculum key skills across a range of subjects, from PE to science. By setting high expectations and a range of deliberately ambitious tasks, participants are encouraged to “think outside the box” and use those all-important English skills to communicate their thoughts and ideas clearly to their peers.

WiseUp design all of our activity days with this mindset in consideration. Not only do we bring all that the students need for a great activity day to locations all over the country, but we make sure that education and skill building play a key part of the experience.

Why Choose WiseUp Team Building

We have a fantastic range of fun and educational activity days for secondary school students. These have been specifically selected for larger groups of students with varying skills and ages.

WiseUp bring our team building and problem solving activities to you. As a result, this saves schools the hassle and cost of organising trips off site. Our activities team provide everything you need to ensure that organising an event is easy. We cater to different group sizes, mixed ages, and abilities.

We offer a huge range of options for secondary school students, including: competitive, team-focused and athletic based activities. All are provided in a safe, educational and fun environment, with the guidance of our friendly team.

WiseUp Team Building Activity Days

Because students develop so much during their secondary school years, we split our activities by year group.

Year 6 to 7 transition activity days are perfect for new students who are just beginning their secondary school education. Our activities for this group are perfect to help students from all backgrounds and skill-sets. They will learn to work together and bond as a team.

We also offer Year 8 & 9 workshop sessions and Year 10 & 11 activity days which offer the best degree of challenge and flexibility for students in those age groups. There is a wide range of activities to choose from. With multiple levels of difficulty in our events, there is always something for every student to enjoy.

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