School Staff Team Building

Staff Activity Days

WiseUp work closely with schools to ensure they are able to get the most out of our staff team building activity days. Our instructors will take care of every element of the day. This includes pre-event information to equipment set up, briefings, debriefs and packing down. This leaves staff teams free to enjoy taking part in the activities.

How can a team building day help?

We know how much pressure school staff are under on a daily basis. With so many different departments to co-ordinate and targets to reach on top of actually educating children, it’s no wonder that many school staff teams feel like they are struggling.

A team building day is the perfect way to kick start a culture of open communication and positivity. Staff members are able to engage with one another in an entertaining and fun way. Enjoying an event together gives teams a sense of shared experience. This can facilitate stronger working relationships as a result. Team building days allow staff to see each other in a different way to what they are used to. The usual staff hierarchy does not exist, which has the potential to reduce barriers between people. When back in the normal day to day routine, the foundations laid on a team building day will strengthen the bond between staff. Morale will be higher, and your students will feel the benefits as well.

What do we offer

Many staff groan when an activity day in school is mentioned. Here at WiseUp however, we take that as a challenge! Our team building events encourage teams to let go of their normal pre-conceptions and embrace each others strengths. We offer a variety of different options, from an advanced version of our popular Hub Challenge, to Bushcraft and Archery stations. WiseUp often include Mega Challenges at the end of our events which will guarantee that staff finish the day laughing.

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