Fun Activities

Team Building & Problem Solving

The majority of sessions offered by WiseUp Team Building are easily run as fun team building activities. However, we have additionally created some that are ideally suited to end of term fun days. These sessions are also a great way for older students to let off a bit of steam post exams. Whether it is in a sports hall, classroom or even a corridor, our team events are suitable for all site sizes and group numbers.

Active Challenge Days

WiseUp’s fun team building activities and challenges bring students together in a number of ways. The activities encourage individuals to shine within their group. The variation of games and tasks means that particular students are able to shine at different times. Some challenge will suit those more incline towards sports. Others focus on inventive thinking and concentration. All will get student teams actively taking part.

Primary & Secondary Activities

Fun activity days are an important of every academic year. For those in Key Stages 1 & 2 it’s a fantastic way to consolidate interpersonal skills in an active challenge event. Students in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 are under increasing pressure with exams and assignments. A fun team building event is a chance for them to relax and show teachers a different side to their personalities. Future leaders will often stand out during our sessions. Some of the challenges are high energy, fast paced activities. In contrast, others are slower, allowing students a chance to calmly take part in games and tasks.

Get In Touch

By liaising closely with the event organiser, we are able to incorporate any specific focus points and values that are personal to the group. To discuss your event needs, please fill in our easy enquiry form or send us an email at