College Activity Days

College Activity Days

Team Building & Problem Solving

WiseUp’s college activity days can be tailored to suit student integration at the same time as focusing on key skills. These include resilience, co-operation and forward planning. Additionally, self evaluation and reflection plays an important part. Throughout our challenges, participants will need to identify important information to create their own methods and solutions. Companies across a number of sectors have called for intensified efforts from educational institutions to help pupils to develop soft employability skills. Therefore, we have tailored our range of activity days to do just that.

About College Activities

WiseUp Team Building activity days encourage students to not to simply look for one answer. In addition, by utilising the strengths of the members of the team, students will be expanding their ability to develop valuable critical thinking techniques. These are essential in today’s workforce. As a result, learners will feel better prepared to enter the job market with confidence. On the other hand, an activity day with WiseUp could highlight areas for students’ personal development.

Our Apprentice Themed Day is the perfect work day taster for young people. Student teams will need to work to a tight deadline, whilst organising themselves, their team mates and their budget. Mastering this multi-tasking juggling act is crucial for any form of project management.  In other words, as a result, learners can get an understanding of how a “real job” works.

WiseUp Team Building offer our fun and educational activities all year round. We come to you, bringing all the equipment and a team of instructors to run the activity day at your site.

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College Activity Days

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Apprentice Themed Activity Day

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